Open Source organization of SeeSharp platform

  • This is the repository for Testflow development. Testflow is a test automation platform for test & measurement industries maintained by JYTEK.

    C# 5 GPL-3.0 Updated Feb 18, 2019
  • This open source repository is developed and maintained by the JYTEK company, Shanghai, China, for the purpose of facilitating the development of the test and measurement using C# programming language. The project follows the GNU GPL V3.0 license and provides many commonly used T&M GUIs, utilities, data manipulations, and algorithms.

    C# 19 9 GPL-3.0 Updated Jan 28, 2019
  • This repository is created for collaborators to share 3rd party C# components or application designs. All uploaded projects should follow open source strategy (GNU GPL V3.0) and JYTEK is not responsible for the functionality and legal right of these 3rd party projects. JYTEK is monitoring the JLab repository but not actively maintaining it.

    C# 6 5 GPL-3.0 Updated Jan 23, 2019
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